Chapter III


Surprisingly, I did not have to drag Frank to the shower.  He was up at 5:30 in the morning and pacing the floor by 6:30.  After cleaning off the breakfast dishes I asked my master if he wanted me to come or if he was going to depend on his ButtonPort? 
“No ButtonPort, I want to bring you just in case we get a full-fledged story.  I might as well go with the best equipment I’ve got.”

I went to my closet and put on a fresh suit.  Interesting thing about robotic suits for hominid robots are they were never very impressive compared to human suits.  The pants had no zipper and were held by elastic.  There never was a shirt – just a casual suit coat with no handkerchief pocket.  Nor were there any inside pockets and the coat pockets were more to hold anything that the master wanted you to take.  Many who used hominid robots let the robots keep their wallets since we were programmed to stop anyone from taking it.  When I first started working for Mr. Huntington he gave me a Press Pin to wear on the lapel.  He said it made him look more important. 

At 7:01 I told him I had been contacted that the car was waiting at the front of the hotel.  He put down his tablet and we proceeded via the lift down to the main entrance.  Waiting for us was a new driverless Royce that displayed a stylish digital sign saying “Huntington Transport to Maidstone Labs.”

After Frank was settled in his seat and the Royce quietly sped off he turned to me and asked me who Lutts’s top people were at Maidstone. 

“What you would call the inner circle is composed of two people.  No one really gains access to Lutts without going through them, except for one exception.  The two top people are Robin Mendez and Stephen Sun Wu.

“How do I address the Wu guy?  Mr. Wu?”

“Yes, that would be the customary.”

“Okay, go on.”

“Mendez is in charge of research and Wu is in charge of bringing lab discoveries to the market.  With most everything made in China, Wu knows who can make Lutts’s inventions. They seem to be really close to Lutts and probably advise him on much more than is publically acknowledged.  They both have a hand in managing and coordinating projects between all of Lutts’s companies.”

“So who is the one exception you mentioned?”

A woman named Dr. Amy Larson.  She went to Oxford with Lutts and became his lab manager of sorts.  Anything he needed she either could find or make.  She is very bright, but not in Lutts’s league.  However, she is probably smarter than anyone else Lutts has ever met, so she has the run of the place.  There are no reports of their being a pair, but their relationship is very close in the intellectual sense.  Anything else, sir?”

“No, just enjoy the ride, Jack.”

That was my cue to be quiet and for the rest of the ride Frank just stared out of the window.


Chapter IV




















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