Chapter VII


Once again the mockery of a free election was completed in America with the 1% narrowing the field to two clones where the only real difference was Harvard or Yale or some other trivial difference.  Frank enjoyed nipping at both their heels.  He was a realist, he knew that no matter how much print he expended the chances of being heard above the billions of dollars was pretty slim, even though he wrote for a major paper. 

Oddly, five days before the election, Frank was reading the Guardian and noticed a small two paragraph article about how a convent in Spain was suddenly abandoned by all the sisters.  They all professed a complete lack of faith in the teachings of their Holy Mother Church.  Frank told me that I was to remind him after the election of this strange story.  I thought he probably was angling for a winter trip to southern Spain after the election.  I put his request in my memory calendar and we then went to another boring debate. 

And so on the night of the election returns I reminded Frank of the article in the Guardian.

“Oh, thanks Jack.  That was strange how a convent of nuns would become atheists.  Seem highly improbable, just like Princess Marianne.”

“Do you think there is a connection?”


“The odds of that would be extremely low, Mr. Huntington.”

“Life is full of long odds coming true. Book a flight to Madrid and from there let a car so we can drive to whatever god forsaken town this nunnery is located in.”

“That would be Convento de Santa Clara in the city of Carmona.  It is home to some 13 Poor Clare Sisters, a sisterhood that adulates Saint Clare.  The convent is 550 years old.  According to the Guardian, after denouncing Catholicism they tried to get the good people of Carmona to shake off the yoke of religion.  It caused a big fuss.  The former sisters sold all the religious items to the black market and used the money to live off of.  The religious items they could not hock they painted over with murals of feminism and human freedom.  The Bishop of Madrid had to get a court order to evict the wayward sisters.  It was an embarrassment to the Church when the media photographed the police carrying out all these struggling ladies.  The former Mother Superior was 71 years old and it was her photograph that made the cover of El Mundo and a few Spanish sites on the Internet.  Several policemen were injured and …”

“Thanks Jack, that is enough.  Where is Princess Marianne?”

“Last media report had her in London yesterday.”

“Let’s first go to London then.  I want to try and see her.  Try and get a flight this Friday.”

And so I booked a flight to London and a room at Frank’s favorite hotel and told Frank, “I will hold off on the Madrid plane ticket until you know for sure when you want to go.”

“Perfect” and then after a short pause, “Try to contact Lutts’s people and see if you can arrange an interview with the Princess.”

“Already done.  I will tell you when I get a response.”


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