Chapter XLIII


It wasn’t until 8:21 in the morning that the Princess woke and looked at Frank’s wide eyed face.  He had woken up about twenty minutes earlier and had resumed his silent worshiping of her flawless face.  She gave him a smile and asked, “How long have you been awake?”

“Awhile,” is all he said returning a smile to her.

“It’s nice to wake up not someone’s captive.”

“I wouldn’t know.  You have captivated me,” he said as he reached out to touch her face with his fingertips.

She kissed his fingertips one at a time and then rolled on top of him.  She buried her face by the side of his face and whispered, “Let’s feel human again.”  After saying that she raised her head and gave Frank a very tender kiss on his lips.  He returned the kiss and soon the passion that comes with close physical contact rose in both their bodies.  I have often wondered why humans were evolved to only make love so rarely.  They spend so much time doing other things which does not seem to bring them any real joy.  So many prefer to watch television or play a virtual reality game rather than expend the energy of joining their bodies together. 

After they had expended their passions they nestled for several minutes discussing whether they should run to the south of France for some sunshine or try and figure out how to make her a widow. 

“It’s not like we have to worry about losing our religion,” the Princess said.

“I know, but what other things could your wayward husband do to us and the world?” Frank said to her knowing that she would realize her husband could make their lives less free.

“Don’t you think with the whole world looking for him they will find him soon?  After all, there are four of him running around.  With so many cameras and robots in the world I would think it would be impossible to hide.’

“For a normal slob like me, you would be correct.  I could no more disappear than make the sun not rise.  Even if I threw my bank card away and spent only cash they would know it was me now that all cash is electronically tracked and block chained.  For them it is child’s play to know how much cash is in my wallet.”

“Don’t you think they have traced everywhere my husband has been since his college days?”

“Probably back to when he was spit out of his mother’s womb.  At this point I would think he would be working out of places he has never been to before.  With all the employees or robots he has access to it would be easy for him to have a new lab or launching point for these damn vectors set up by robots.  Many of those robots in Norway and on his ship were made by him.”

“Maybe we need to figure out how to get him to come to us?”

“Great idea, but we’d need something he wants.”


“If I was him I would do anything to get back to you, but I’m in bed with you and he is awol.  Sorry sweetheart, some people aren’t as worldly as me.”

“At this rate he could be up in space heading towards Mars,” she said in a frustrated tone. 

“I admit that compared to Earth Mars is the wild west.”

“But going to Mars is not going to help him succeed in destroying religion.”

“I wonder?” Frank said reaching over to touch her face that was so adorable with her look of frustration.


“I think I know where we can find your husbands.”


“Can’t say.  Even the walls have ears.  Still got a jet or two?”

“Seriously, Terrance has access to more jets than the Prime Minister.”

“You’ve given me an appetite, my lovely Marianne.  Let’s eat.”

As I said, humans spend so much time doing things that don’t rate half as intense as when they are making love.  As much as Frank enjoyed this perfect woman he was now more interested in flying somewhere.  I can see why humans express so many regrets when they think of their past.  While they were eating, I, without prompting, started to collect clothes for the upcoming trip for one male reporter and one female royal.


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