Chapter XXXV


Frank woke up in a bed fit for a King.  He did not have any inkling how he got there.  However, I knew every detail.  The booze they were drinking was more than booze.  I am not sure what drug Sir Terrance used, but it was not overt like what you see in the movies.  It took its time to put them into a gentle sleep.  It was so gentle they did not feel they were being drugged.  Once they all had been asleep for ten minutes ten robots came in and picked up the humans very gently.  They ordered me to follow them and told me I would be staying with my master at all times.  We were escorted to a Cirrus T-80.  From the call letters I could tell it was not the same one that was flying us around the North Pole.  About forty feet away was another Cirrus jet.  It was the big brother to the T-80 and was designated as the Model T-88.  Outside of that plane I could see Dr. Larson talking to Sir Terrance. 

Our jet took off first and from the heading it settled on we were possibly going to the northern coast of France.  The flight only took a little over two hours.  We landed at a small airport by the coast and the still sleeping cargo was gently placed into a Sikorsky UH-90.  Once we were airborne the helicopter took us almost due north and we landed on a ship.  I couldn’t see what kind of ship, but I could feel the slight motion typical of a medium sized vessel.     

A new set of robots came and carried each of the humans to their own private suite.  As promised I was able to simply follow Frank.  Once he was in bed I evaluated his breath and determined what drug they had used and estimated it would be another five hours before he would join the world again.  I tried to do a sensor sweep of our new home, but failed to communicate with anything other than the small microwave in our suite.  The space beyond the four walls of this suite were a void.  It was as if we were floating in space.  No radio waves of any nature.  I could not even pick up any satellite signals so it was impossible to know where the ship was heading or if it was just sitting dead in the water.  So this is what it is like to be a clueless human.  I did not like it.


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