Frank Huntington - a Novella

by Dane C. Sorensen

Dedicated to Candice Kay Sorensen

Special thanks to Jeremy Peter Zank for his help in editing.

This project was done for personal enjoyment.  It is always fun to write about villians and scandalous people.It is my hope that the few ideas I have scattered like easter eggs offer some expression of what I find interesting in real life.  I did not try to get this published as I realize the chances of this happening are extremely low in this world.

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII

Chapter XIX

Chapter XX

Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII

Chapter XXIII

Chapter XXIV

Chapter XXV

Chapter XXVI

Chapter XXVII

Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XXIX

Chapter XXX

Chapter XXXI

Chapter XXXII

Chapter XXXIII

Chapter XXXIV

Chapter XXXV

Chapter XXXVI

Chapter XXXVII


Chapter XXXIX

Chapter XL

Chapter XLI

Chapter XLII

Chapter XLIII

Chapter XLIV

Chapter XLV

Final Chapter

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